The Salvation Army Furniture Project

The Project began in 2004 and has grown and developed since. In April 2011 the Project came under the management of the Perth Corps of the Salvation Army, specifically the Community Manager. The aim is to support the Corps and their work in Perth and the surrounding area. We do this through providing a reuse service, which includes both furniture and a charity shop on our site in Friarton. The Project is open to all members of the public.

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Why we need to charge for items

Whilst this project has to be self funding, it is still within the ethos of The Salvation Army to help others.  As such, this project has been privileged to directly assist hundreds of social clients since it started.  The majority of these have come to us with their social workers and have all been given the opportunity to choose the items they need.  Discounts have been applied to the clients according to their situations.

We have helped people represented by the following organizations:

Perth & Kinross Council (including Perth, Blairgowrie & Crieff offices); Perthshire Womens Aid; Careers Scotland Key Worker Service; Local Mental Health Team; Hillcrest Housing Association; Perthshire Housing Association; Fairfield Housing Association; Churches Action for The Homeless; Criminal Justice; Ark Housing Association (Perth & Blairgowrie); Citizens Advice; Perth Salvation Army; Blairgowrie Salvation Army.

In order to help us cover the cost of these discounts, many customers have purchased items from us at a normal price.  Having said that, our top prices are around £300 which includes three piece suites.  We have had many customers happy to pay these prices, who have also gone on to not only return for more, but to recommend us to other people.  Some may say that our prices are too low, but it is better to sell something and keep the stock rotating, than to have something sitting in the warehouse for ages with a higher price tag.

We have built up some good friends within the communities we reach both as donors and purchasers.  If nothing else, these people have been brought into contact with the work of The Salvation Army and are now doing whatever they can to help further our work in Perth.

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