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Visit from Churches Together (Four Nations Ladies) Conference (Sept 2005)

30 June 2010

Skinnergate Resettlement Unit’s “forty:twenty” Furniture Project was visited recently by a group who came under the banner of Action for Churches Together in Scotland.  Meeting together for a Four Nations Ladies conference, the group had a day out to visit places where the Church was in action in the Community.  Major Ann Radford (CO, Govan) who was part of the group, had approached Daniel Rous (Project Manager) to see if the ladies could visit the Furniture Project as she knew of the practical ministry undertaken there.  A brief tour was provided and Daniel gave a talk on the vision for the work, what had been achieved so far and what was hoped for the future.  He spoke of the former resident who was now employed at the project; the 9 residents who had been used as volunteers; one former resident who still assisted as a volunteer; the 6 local unemployed people who had worked at the project through the New Deal Scheme; and the 7 former residents who had been assisted with furniture for their flats.  He also spoke of the fact that in the 15 months the project had been running, over 140 local families had been helped with furnishings either through discounted packages or free of charge supply, not including the countless others who had benefited through purchasing low cost furniture for their homes.

The ladies were greatly encouraged by what they had seen and were blessed to see the Church in action in this way.  They prayed Gods continued blessing on the project before continuing on their tour of the region.