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New e:newsletter service launched

30 June 2010

In order to keep you up to date with events, developments and news from The Salvation Army Furniture Re-Use Project, we have now launched an e:newsletter with thanks to our friends at

We don’t want to just send this to your inbox regardless of your wishes, so, if you want to keep updated by us, please click the link below and complete the sign up form.  Also, if you think someone you work with would like to receive this newsletter, then please feel free to forward this link to them so that they too can sign up.  Here’s the link to sign up:

e:newsletter sign up
Your details will not be shared with any other party and you certainly wont get bombarded with countless emails – just the ones we get time to write!


Increased Opening Hours (May 2009)

30 June 2010

As from Monday 1 June 2009, we will be extending our opening hours to enable us to provide an even better service to the Perthshire Community.  The new hours will be

Monday to Friday
9am to 4pm

9am to 3pm

We wish to offer thanks to everyone who continues to support this project in many and varied ways.  Without your support, this project would not be what it is.  So, thankyou!


Hostel Plus Awards 2009

30 June 2010

In March 2009. The Salvation Army held their inaugural Hostel Plus Awards, designed to recognise work being undertaken in Salvation Army Resettlement Units across the UK to enable residents get moved on in their lives.  Various categories were taken into account and many excellent initiatives were celebrated.  As part of it, this Furniture Project, part of the Skinnergate Resettlement Unit, was Highly Commended in the Work and Social Enterprise category.

You can read the full report on the awards ceremony from The UK Salvation Army website by clicking here.

We would like to thank all our customers for their support, that has enabled this project to be the success that it is and bring much needed change for our staff, volunteers, and the people we strive to help

Col Ian Barr (The Salvation Army Territorial Headquarters) presents the award to Project Manager Daniel Rous with Skinnergate Manager Les Paskin


2007 stats and views on illegal dumping

30 June 2010

During 2007, The Salvation Army’s Furniture Re-Use Project in Perth has grown and developed as a major player in Furniture Re-Use in the Perth area.  It has undertaken around 1400 free Furniture Collections, covering all household furniture including electrical items, and as a result, diverted approximately 110 tonnes from landfill.   600 deliveries have been made to customers plus an additional 1000 sales where items have been taken away by customers.  Around 80% of customers are estimated to be on low incomes – around 1250 people – and these have either purchased items at the marked low prices, or by way of Social Worker referrals, received discounts.  Approximately 20% of sales have been for people known to be moving from homelessness into secure tenancies.

Turnover has increased greatly, which has helped us employ our fourth full-time staff member.  All staff have come through homelessness and are now enjoying lives in ful employment and secure tenancies.  We have also hosted 7 volunteers who are or have been homeless.

With all this success in mind, it is disappointing that some people have taken advantage of our goodwill.  On a number of occasions throughout the last few months, staff have arrived at the Kilda Place warehouse to find items of furniture dumped at the front door.  This is despite a sign on the door requesting that donors refrain from doing this, but phone the office to arrange a suitable collection/drop off time.  To compound matters, the items left were not suitable for the Furniture Project to use because they either didn’t comply with Furniture and Fire Safety Regulations, or had been damaged by rain, heavy frosts or dew, having been left out all night.

Whilst The Salvation Army is always grateful for the generosity of the general public, it gets frustrated by what can only be described as illegal dumping of waste which then has to be disposed of at a cost to the project.  As a self funding project, any unforeseen expenditure of this nature means that it becomes harder to assist people in need.

The Salvation Army Furniture Project offers a free collection service within a 15 mile radius of its North Muirton base from Monday to Friday, and is open for people to bring items in from Monday to Saturday between 10am and 3pm.  We realise that these are not always suitable hours for everyone, but have to work within the constraints of staff and resources available to us.

The Salvation Army wishes to thank genuine donors who have kept the Furniture Project going over the past year and does not want anyone to be put off donating in the year ahead.  It seems a shame that again it is the minority who spoil things but hopefully, reading this article will encourage sensibility amongst them in the future.


Donation for workshop (June 2007)

30 June 2010

We are very grateful to have taken receipt of a financial donation from the Perth Model Lodging House Association (PMLHA), part of which has been spent on purchasing a brand new bench saw.  This saw will become a valuable resource as our workshop area develops further (more news on that soon!). Members of the Association visited the project to officially present their donation in front of local press.

Pictured below are (l to r): Daniel Rous (Furniture Project Manager), Bill Bannerman (Vice President, PMLHA), Les Paskin (Skinnergate Centre Manager), Alan Robertson (Furniture Project Staff Member), Douglas Copland(President, PMLHA).

Visit from Churches Together (Four Nations Ladies) Conference (Sept 2005)

30 June 2010

Skinnergate Resettlement Unit’s “forty:twenty” Furniture Project was visited recently by a group who came under the banner of Action for Churches Together in Scotland.  Meeting together for a Four Nations Ladies conference, the group had a day out to visit places where the Church was in action in the Community.  Major Ann Radford (CO, Govan) who was part of the group, had approached Daniel Rous (Project Manager) to see if the ladies could visit the Furniture Project as she knew of the practical ministry undertaken there.  A brief tour was provided and Daniel gave a talk on the vision for the work, what had been achieved so far and what was hoped for the future.  He spoke of the former resident who was now employed at the project; the 9 residents who had been used as volunteers; one former resident who still assisted as a volunteer; the 6 local unemployed people who had worked at the project through the New Deal Scheme; and the 7 former residents who had been assisted with furniture for their flats.  He also spoke of the fact that in the 15 months the project had been running, over 140 local families had been helped with furnishings either through discounted packages or free of charge supply, not including the countless others who had benefited through purchasing low cost furniture for their homes.

The ladies were greatly encouraged by what they had seen and were blessed to see the Church in action in this way.  They prayed Gods continued blessing on the project before continuing on their tour of the region.


Ceremony of Dedication and Thanksgiving (July 2005)

30 June 2010

Commissioner Keith Banks (TC’s Representative in Scotland) was the guest of The Salvation Army (Skinnergate) forty:twenty Furniture Project as it celebrated its first anniversary with a Ceremony of Dedication and Thanksgiving. Representing the East Scotland Division, Major Bob McIntyre (DC) welcomed the guests made up of local Social Welfare providers, Housing Association Representatives, local Salvation Army staff and customers of the project.  The Major said it was good to be gathered in what was, without a doubt, a House of God, because His work was being undertaken there. Also present was Depute Provost, Councillor John Flynn, representing Perth & Kinross Council. In welcoming the Councillor, Major McIntyre said that The Salvation Army always sought to work alongside existing Social welfare providers in order to assist in bringing the best possible service for local people. Councillor Flynn responded by outlining how much the Furniture Project had assisted people referred by local Council departments and thanked The Salvation Army for their on going work in Perth.  Les Paskin (Skinnergate Centre Manager) spoke of the background of the project and how he had been involved in the original vision for this kind of work some ten years ago.

Having heard all that had been said, Commissioner Keith Banks spoke of his excitement in being a part of the celebration of this project.  He echoed Major McIntyre’s words in that he was in no doubt that God was an integral part of the very practical work of this furniture project.  With that thought in mind, the Commissioner unveiled a dedicatory plaque and prayed Gods continued blessing on the work, before leading those gathered in an appropriate song of praise – “To God be the Glory”.